5 Reasons To Upholster Your Furnishings

Do you want to give your furniture a make over? Upholstery is an excellent method to update and change the feel of any space! There are lots of reasons that upholstering is a great idea. Whether you’re searching for something that’s more resilient, something that will last long-lasting, or just adding some colour or character into your home, there’s no better choice than upholstery. We have actually put together 5 reasons that upholstery might be ideal for you and need to be considered!

If you have any other questions or questions you can also get in touch with our group today, we are always more than delighted to assist you in any way we can. Upholstery is our enthusiasm and we actually hope it becomes yours too.


When you are furnishings enthusiasts like we are, it is sad to see exceptionally distinct pieces of furniture being tossed out due to old age. We highly believe with a little tender love and care any furniture piece can be upholstered back to its previous glory. Typically old furnishings has a various feel to it than contemporary furnishings, with older styles being more quirky and specific, we don’t comprehend why you would not want to get these pieces back to their initial state and have them as centrepieces in your home.

It is such a fantastic sensation being able to bring back and upholster antique furnishings and bring it back to life in its initial form, or to give it a whole new lease of life with brand-new colours, patterns and likewise restore the fillings on sofa and chairs. New stuffing will make it seem like an entire new couch.

Conserve Sentimental Pieces

Have you got a preferred armchair or sofa? A preferred cushioned bench? Or any furniture piece in your house that you are head over heels for? When it comes to when you start to think you require to purchase a new furniture piece to replace the beloved chair that you have beinged in for the last 20 years or armchair from your grandparents, we like absolutely nothing more than reupholstering nostalgic pieces.

Our group is passionate about helping you rescue furniture that has actually remained in your family for a number of years. We can eliminate and change the sponging inside couches and chairs and use our understanding and competence to reupholster the material. You can bring any emotional furnishings you have back to life and we guarantee it will last for another 20 years.


When it comes to furnishings reupholstering is and always will be the most affordable alternative, why get rid of something when it can be fixed or changed? Purchasing brand new furnishings will be much more expensive, so reupholstery is cost-efficient. The other side to this is that with upholstering furniture you currently have, you understand you like the shape, size and comfort because you have had it for a lot of years.

On rare occasions, upholstery can cost more than buying a brand-new furniture piece, however reupholstering always has advantages that outweigh buying brand-new. Offering you the opportunity to pick your own palette, design and fabrics is among them.

Style Change

We find our clients come to us for sofa upholstery services when they are opting for a design change within their home or a colour scheme change, this allows you to alter your furniture without changing your furniture. Perhaps you are bored of taking a look at the same colour on your couch every day and fancy something new? Or if the sponge inside your favourite armchair is no longer structured enough and needs changing, we can help you.

You don’t require to purchase brand new furniture when you want to remodel, just because you have actually decided to redo your house doesn’t imply you require to get rid of your furniture, simply contact us for our upholstery service.

Environmental Impact

When it pertains to the environmental effect of upholstering furnishings it is huge! Not just does it minimize the quantity of “quick style furnishings” being produced, but it likewise decreases the number of things like sofas and armchairs going to land fills. Materials such as steel, wood and materials will be required less and therefore production of these items will not be needed as frequently, decreasing the effect across several platforms.

Fewer natural resources being used lacks a doubt the best impact on the environment, reupholstery offers a fantastic method to get brand new looking furniture without having an unfavorable impact on the environment.